Underground Cinema

Taking Cinema out of the Cinema

Underground Cinema is a secret live immersive film screening event held in undisclosed locations throughout Melbourne & Sydney. It could happen anywhere; a warehouse, a forgotten ballroom, a carpark. We believe that predictable is boring - so we've made our locations secret and we're keeping the films' identity a mystery too - just to keep you guessing.

We're not about your average multiplex experience. Arriving at our locations is like walking onto a film set, with live performances recreating elements of the film you're about to see. The team here at UGC believe that sometimes you have to shake things up a bit and have a little fun doing it. Who we are isn't all that important. What we are doing is taking cinema out of the cinema and inviting you along for the ride. You in?

You can buy Gift Vouchers to the UGC 2015 season for the cool people in your life here. Check out our latest media here and watch our latest screening below...


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